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We are associated with the following entities as a group company

Distil Ventures India Limited

Distil Ventures India Limited is a part of The Distil Group – the growing and leading provider of Skills and HR solutions. Distil Ventures, headquartered in Delhi, Distil Ventures provide a host of technology-enabled staffing and managed outsourcing services across processes such as sales & marketing, customer care, after-sales service, back office operations, telecom operations, manufacturing operations, facilities and security management, HR & F&A operations, IT & mobility services, etc. with a national presence through 15 branches across the country, Distil Ventures is the fastest growing HR Services company in India.

  • Rapid growth with the largest network of over 28 branches
  • Over 10000+ associates on assignment every day, nationally
  • Distinguished list of over 750 clients across all segments
  • Placement of around 10000+ candidates per month, across India
  • Over 1100 trained and specialized consultants to customize HR solutions Products Distil Ventures offers a spectrum of services
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Professional Staffing Solutions
  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Training & Learning Solutions


AGITAM Global Services Pvt. Limited is a flagship company of Distil Education. It was established in 2015 by Mr. Arjun Mishra. It is solely with their perseverance & sincerity towards work that AGITAM has flourished from an 8 odd member cleaning crew to a humongous establishment in Facility Management.


Taking inspiration from his guru,  AGITAM  started its operations in 2015 to cater the cleaning service requirements of a local industrial establishment. Since then, with commitment to quality work, AGITAM has grown in leaps and bounds.


Today known to be amongst the best Staffing & Facility Management brands, having over 5,000 employees,  AGITAM   family is spread over 30 locations all over India. With a strong, dedicated team of thorough professionals, BVG provides varied services & solutions like Mechanized Housekeeping, Landscaping & Gardening, Logistic & Transportation, Civil & Electrical etc. to its 100+ clients in Government sector as well as Private sectors.


Providing employment to people from rural regions through its various projects & work has always been the underlying principle of  AGITAM  . Thus with creating an equal opportunity for the rural areas  AGITAM   has also been contributing to their overall development.


Today,  AGITAM   is the undisputed leader in the Manpower contract staffing & Facility Management sector and it is because of its attitude of accepting challenges & successfully delivering the results. For example: Mud Removal Case, Fiat Plant Shifting & Electrical Distribution Projects. Also, by virtue of its size of operations, manpower and self made success,  AGITAM  has attained the status of the fastest growing company in the country.



Founded in 2014, The Shashank Yoga is recognized as one of India’s leading wellness spaces. Locally-owned and community grown, we’re on a mission to uplift people’s lives through warm-hearted human connection and inspired classes (led by a world-class teaching team).

We believe we need each other. At the heart of all we do is our belief that yoga enlivens the best in each of us, nourishes the roots of our wellbeing, and empowers us to better care for ourselves and the lives around us. The goal of our robust and diverse offerings is to help people find their flow – to help each of us show up as our best selves so that we can brighten and heal our world from the inside out.

Flow, along with our parent company Distil Education, has been named as the “Best Yoga Studio” in Delhi. We are the recipient of the Global Peace Award for Peace building and have been featured in the Daily Hunt, Yahoo News, Yoga Journal and UN. Our classes welcome over 1,500 guests each week.



SZS Electrical believes that developing India has to conserve and save energy, in order to be lighted. Though government is doing its level best to provide Villages or small towns with Electricity but the villages and users can also on their part contribute at their level by adopting energy efficient LED Lights.


More than 70% of Indian household rely on Incandescent Lights (ICL) for their lighting needs. Indian lighting landscape the major sources of lighting for rural households in India still are Incandescent Lamps (ICL), kerosene. Incandescent Lamps are extremely energy inefficient because over 90% of electricity is wasted as heat by this type of light. The replacement of these ICLs with LEDs would have a potential to save more than 100 billion units of electricity which is equivalent to around 20000 MW of peak load reduction. With this mission SZS Electrical established in 2017-18 by two dynamic youths in a very backward area of Fatehpur-Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh with engineering excellence and other with splendid knowledge in business administration, the company has left no stone unturned since its beginning. We have had an amazing journey and are now confident to expand our horizons all over the world.


It is proven that presence of good sources of light improves livelihood of the population and makes it possible for households to increase their working hours beyond daylight. Affordable clean energy services will improve the income and health of the households hence reduction of poverty. SZS Electrical products are well designed to address the rural lighting scenarios and ensure that each village household gets to live in the white energy saving light improving their livelihood.


Central Terminal Agrovet (CTA) is established by Mr. Arjun Mishra. Inspired by his friend whose family has been involved in the trading of agricultural products since 1980’s.  In the manufacturing sector he established the first company Central Terminal Agrovet (CTA) for Psyllium Husk & Sesame Seeds process with yearly production of 500 Ton in name of and this for the process of Watermelon seeds, Desiccated Coconut, he established company in name of God Knows Farm and Grain with yearly process of watermelon seed 3000 Tons and 1000 tons of buckwheat.



It has come to our attention that persons or organizations claiming to represent or to be affiliated with DISTIL EDUCATION have contacted potential job seekers offering false employment opportunities with DISTIL EDUCATION through unsolicited e-mails or phone calls. These individuals will often request the applicant to divulge personal information and/or provide some advance form of payment.

The recruitment process at DISTIL EDUCATION is to meet with the candidate for an interview before any formal offer is made. Further, DISTIL EDUCATION does not require payment from anyone seeking employment with DISTIL EDUCATION at any point during the recruitment and/or selection process. All legitimate DISTIL EDUCATION job postings may be accessed via our website at www.DISTILEDUCATION.com

If you receive an email from DISTIL EDUCATION that instructs you to send replies to an email address other than one ending only with @distileducation.com, have received a fraudulent offer, or if you are unsure about an offer of employment, please contact us by emailing info@distileducation.com

We thank you for your interest in DISTIL EDUCATION.